Findings of the Metropolitan Sewer Subdistricts’ Rate Study

Based on the results of a Rate Study and after holding a public meeting on February 25, 2019, to receive public comment on the new User Charge Rate Structure, the MetroConnects Board of Commissioners voted to adopt the new User Charge Rate Structure.

Effective July 1, 2019, only connected customers will be charged for sewer collection services provided by MetroConnects.

The new User Charge Rate structure is more consistent with industry best practices and provides a more equitable billing method for continuous asset rehabilitation and providing quality sanitary sewer service while protecting public health and the environment.

The Rate Study supported a new funding structure comprised of a monthly fixed service charge and a volumetric flow charge based on water consumption collected directly from connected customers.

As a result of the new User Charge Rate Structure the annual sewer tax millage charge that is currently assessed on all properties located within MetroConnects’ district boundaries will be eliminated.