If you are experiencing an emergency call 864-277-4442

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I Am Having Trouble With My Sewer Service, Who Do I Need To Call?

September 23, 2020

Before you call a plumber, please call MetroConnects at 864.277.4442. We respond to customer calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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There Is A Tree Down Over The Sewer Line, Who Do I Need To Call?

If you see a fallen tree on a sanitary sewer line right-of-way, please call MetroConnects at 864.277.4442.

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Do I Need My Sewer Line Inspected After I Am Connected To The System?

If you are connecting to an existing lateral the County will inspect the connection. The contact information for that inspection is provided by the County in their paperwork.

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How Do I Request A Sewer Locate?

Call 811 to request a utility locate.

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What Do I Have To Do To Connect To The Sanitary Sewer Line?

You must pay a new account fee to Renewable Water Resources (864.299.4000) and obtain a permit from Greenville County (864.467.7100).  If there is a 6-inch lateral already stubbed out for connection, the County will inspect the 4-inch lateral. If you have to connect to the mainline, MetroConnects will inspect the installation of the 6-inch lateral

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Does MetroConnects Offer A Six-Month Savings Program?

MetroConnects’ will begin offering a six-month savings program in the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

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Does MetroConnects Have A Customer Bill Assistance Program?

Contact your water provider for the latest information on the availability of assistance programs Greenville Water — (864) 241-6000 Greer CPW – (864) 848-5500 Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission – (800) 358-3445

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My Bill Is High, What Can I Do?

In addition to your charges from Greenville Water, your monthly Greenville Water bill also includes charges from MetroConnects, which provides the wastewater collection services and transports the wastewater to Renewable Water Solutions (ReWa) for treatment and disposal. The wastewater portion of your bill is typically more expensive. Do you have a separate irrigation meter? Water

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Why do I have charges from MetroConnects on my water bill?

June 5, 2020

MetroConnects is your wastewater collection provider. MetroConnects connects your property’s private sewer lateral (See diagram) at the property line, and uses a series of sewer mains and possibly pump stations to convey that wastewater to a ReWa trunk sewer line for treatment.

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