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About My Bill - Metro Connects

How will I be billed?

MetroConnects bills monthly through your water bill. You will pay a monthly base charge of $11 and a volume charge of $1.54 per 1,000 gallons of water. The volume charge is based on your actual use of water. Please note that if you have a separate irrigation account, you will not be billed by MetroConnects on that meter.

Does MetroConnects have a customer bill assistance program?

Contact your water provider for the latest information on the availability of assistance programs

  • Greenville Water — (864) 241-6000
  • Greer CPW – (864) 848-5500
  • Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission – (800) 358-3445

What will my bill look like?

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Does MetroConnects offer a six-month savings program?

In addition to your charges from Greenville Water, your monthly Greenville Water bill also includes charges from MetroConnects, which provides the wastewater collection services and transports the wastewater to Renewable Water Solutions (ReWa) for treatment and disposal. The wastewater portion of your bill is typically more expensive.

Does MetroConnects offer a six-month savings program?

Does MetroConnects offer a six-month savings program?