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About My Bill - Metro Connects

How will I be billed?

MetroConnects bills monthly through your water bill. You will pay a monthly base charge of $11.45 and a volume charge of $1.60 per 1,000 gallons of water. The volume charge is based on your actual use of water. Please note that if you have a separate irrigation account, you will not be billed by MetroConnects on that meter.

Does MetroConnects have a customer bill assistance program?

MetroConnects partners with The Salvation Army of Greenville’s Help To Community Program (H2C) to provide qualifying customers with temporary financial support in paying for wastewater services for eligible MetroConnects, ReWa, and Greenville Water customers. For more information, contact the Greenville Salvation Army at (864) 235-4803 or complete the application.

If you are not a Greenville Water customer, please contact your water provider for the latest information on the availability of assistance programs:

Greer CPW – (864) 848-5500
Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission – (800) 358-3445

Does MetroConnects offer a six-month savings program?

MetroConnects offers a Six-Month Saving Program for residential customers connected to Greenville Water. The program averages the number of gallons of water used during the winter months to establish your maximum summer consumption. During this summer period, MetroConnects wastewater charges will be billed based upon the lower of your winter average usage or your actual usage. Your savings will be reflected on this bill and will continue through the October meter read.

Please keep in mind that customers who use large volumes of outside water throughout the year should consider installing an irrigation water meter. Water passing through an irrigation meter will not be billed as wastewater. Contact your water company for information about the costs associated with installing an irrigation meter.