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Carr Road Pump Station, Force Main Designed with Greenville County Economic Development in Mind

March 26, 2019

Carr Road Pump Station, Force Main Designed with Greenville County Economic Development in Mind

Carr Road Pump Station will provides sewer for proposed South Greenville Enterprise Park.

Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict (MetroConnects) is about to begin construction on a pump station and force main in support of the proposed South Greenville Enterprise Park. Greenville County is looking to bring business to Southern Greenville County, but without sewer in place the county is losing out to surrounding counties that have infrastructure
ready sites.

Greenville Area Development Corporation (GADC) reached out to MetroConnects and ReWa to see what could be done to bring sewer to the area where the enterprise park is planned. MetroConnects was able to step in and contribute since an adjoining subdivision, Harvest Glen, was about to begin construction.

With the future of the area in mind, MetroConnects increased the size of the pump station and force main in order to provide the capacity needed for the growth of this area. MetroConnects also worked with the developer to take on the construction of the nearly $1 million project in order to assure GADC that sewer infrastructure will be ready in a short period of time. ReWa has also stepped up and begun the design of an additional pump station and sewer infrastructure in order to serve the lower portion of the planned enterprise park area on the east side of Highway 25.

“MetroConnects approached the developer with a proposal to partner on the construction of the pump station and force main so that it would benefit not only this area, but also other portions of the drainage basin,” said Carol Elliott, general manager of MetroConnects.

We have to work within the boundaries of our district with the Carr Road project, but as projects like this are in the planning stages, we want to think about the future growth of the area.”

She said by planning ahead and increasing the size of the proposed pump station at Carr Road, MetroConnects would have the ability to serve about 100 acres in the upper portion of the proposed business park site, if it were to be annexed into MetroConnect’s district.

“MetroConnects is committed to making the investment needed for the future of our community,” Elliott said. “Sewer infrastructure is not built overnight. Instead, it is a process that takes Greenville County approval, committed partners, planning and strategy, investment of significant capital, and time to build the infrastructure.”

About Harvest Glen
The neighborhood Harvest Glen will consist of approximately 60 home sites developed by Great Southern Homes Inc.

About Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict
Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict, dba MetroConnects, was created as a special purpose district, by the General Assembly by Act No. 687 on July 14, 1969 and is a subdistrict within Renewable Water Resources or ReWa, and is empowered to acquire, construct, operate, maintain, improve and extend facilities for the collection of sewage within the subdistrict and transmit the same to the trunk lines or sewage treatment and disposal facilities of ReWa
for treatment and disposal.