Who Is Metro

Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict, dba MetroConnects, was created as a special purpose district, by the General Assembly by Act No. 687 on July 14, 1969 and amended in August 1972. MetroConnects is a subdistrict within Greenville County Sewer Authority, now known as Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), and is empowered to acquire, construct, operate, maintain, improve and extend facilities for the collection of sewage within the subdistrict and transmit the same to the trunk lines or sewage treatment and disposal facilities of ReWa for treatment and disposal.

MetroConnects cooperates with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control (SCDHEC), ReWa, all municipalities, and other special-purpose districts in the provision of sewer facilities throughout Greenville and Anderson Counties.

MetroConnects is governed by a five-member commission. Currently, Metro serves approximately 46,000 customers with more than 660 miles of collector lines, 9 pump stations and 10 miles of force main. Metro’s service area extends from northern Greenville County in the Slater-Marietta area to the southern portions of the county, and east and west to the Greenville County line. We also serve the Piedmont area in Anderson County.

MetroConnects strives to keep its system working properly and efficiently by supporting its comprehensive maintenance and operations program. Our well-trained personnel spends 98 percent of man-hours providing proactive maintenance on our systems, a third of which is more than 40 years old.

Through proactive planning and response, we are ensuring that we have the funding to maintain our system in good operating condition and extending its useful life. The collection of wastewater protects public health, the environment, and our greatest resource — our water.

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