What is changing with the way sewer collection is billed?

Effective July 1, 2019, MetroConnects is transitioning to a new user rate charge structure.

MetroConnects will move from an annual real property tax and sewer fee rate structure to a monthly sewer charge with both a fixed fee and volume charge based on the water consumed by each customer. The MetroConnects’ rate structure is the same for all customer types, so residential and commercial/industrial are all charged the same rates. Monthly billed amounts will vary for each customer based on each customer’s water consumption. Your first bill, received in July, will reflect water consumption charges for the billing period reflected on your statement. 

MetroConnects provides sanitary sewer collection services and transports wastewater to Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) for treatment and disposal. ReWa provides trunk and treatment services for all subdistricts and municipalities located within Greenville County and also transforms wastewater into renewable resources. Together, we protect public health and the environment.

Previous Sewer Billing Method New Sewer Billing Method

Sewer tax and fee were assessed by the county annually on all properties within the MetroConnects sewer district.

Only customers connected to MetroConnects sanitary sewer system will be charged a monthly fixed fee of $11.25 and volume charge of $1.57 per 1,000 gallons through the monthly water bill, based on water consumption. Properties within the MetroConnects sewer district will no longer be assessed a tax or fee on the annual real property tax bill.

If within the MetroConnects sewer district but no sewer is available, a septic rebate was available.

The septic rebate program will be discontinued December 31, 2019 since only customers connected to the MetroConnects sewer system will be billed through the water bill.

Tax-exempt properties paid no sewer tax to MetroConnects, but were assessed a sewer fee.

Tax-exempt properties that are connected to the MetroConnects sewer system will be billed based on their water consumption like all other customers.

MetroConnects customers that were annexed into a municipality paid no Metro sewer tax, but were assessed a sewer fee.

MetroConnects sewer customers will be billed based on their water consumption regardless if the property is within city limits or not.