Septic Tank Services

Metro has many septic tank customers within its service area where public sewer systems are not available. Septic systems are individual wastewater systems that treat household wastewater and return it to the soil. Metro has a program to provide financial assistance for septic tank pumping services. As a Metro customer, you may be eligible for up to a $150 rebate once every three years for septic tank maintenance. Customers are responsible for the general maintenance and operation of their septic systems.

To request a rebate, call 864-277-4442 for a septic tank agreement form. Submit the completed form along with the paid receipt from the septic tank contractor to Metro at 120 Augusta Arbor Way, Greenville, SC 29605. Once Metro has received your rebate form and paid receipt, a rebate check will be mailed directly to you between 7 to 10 working days.

This program applies to pumping services and costs of septic tank repairs or maintenance required by South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control regulations.