MetroConnects Pump Station Policy

In an effort to keep pace with recent changes in development standards including the reduction of the Unit Contributory Loadings applicable to wastewater treatment facilities by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Metropolitan has determined that it is necessary and desirable to replace the 2005 Pump Station Requirements with a new policy.

Requirements and conditions in which Metropolitan will accept sanitary sewer pump stations:

  1. In order to carry out its functions and serve constituents within its boundaries, Metropolitan hereby adopts the following policy whereby Metropolitan will accept, own and operate sanitary sewer pump stations, which shall constitute a part of Metropolitan’s sanitary sewer collector system.
  2. Metropolitan may accept sanitary sewer pump stations on a case-by-case basis if Metropolitan determines that all of the following conditions are met:

a. The sanitary sewer pump station is designed to serve all of the applicable drainage basin/service area with the goal and expectation of serving more than one development.

b. The influent gravity sewer line connected to the sanitary sewer pump station shall be sized to serve the applicable drainage basin and shall be no larger than 16” in diameter.

c. The pumping capacity of the sanitary sewer pump station falls within the range of 315 to 1,150 gallons per minute.

d. Metropolitan has made the determination that ownership and operation of the sanitary sewer pump station is in the overall best interest of Metropolitan and its constituents. In making this determination, Metropolitan shall take the following factors into account:

i. The extent of the area served by the sanitary sewer pump station is sufficient to adequately offset the cost of operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer pump station.

ii. The sanitary sewer pump station does not adversely impact Metropolitan’s existing sanitary sewer systems and facilities.

iii. The extent to which it is reasonably foreseeable that the sanitary sewer pump station can be replaced with gravity flow lines prior to the end of the life expectancy of the sanitary sewer pump station.

iv. Other factors as Metropolitan may deem necessary or appropriate for determining the feasibility of owning, operating and maintaining the sanitary sewer pump station.

e. The sanitary sewer pump station must meet all Metropolitan standards at the time of acceptance.

f. Fee simple title and access to the sanitary sewer pump station property must be conveyed to Metropolitan free and clear of any encumbrances or liens. In addition, all necessary force main right of ways shall be conveyed to Metropolitan.

g. All costs incurred for design, construction, inspection, testing, title examination, and other costs related to the sanitary sewer pump station installation shall be borne by the developer/grantor thereof. The initial operating costs relating to the sanitary sewer pump station may be negotiated between the developer/grantor and Metropolitan.

h. The Construction of new sanitary sewer pump stations to be deeded to Metropolitan must begin within one (1) year of Metropolitan approval and must be completed within two (2) years of the Metropolitan approval. If these conditions are not met, then either an extension must be filed or the approval becomes void and a new submission must be made.

For more information, contact the Engineering Department at or call us (864) 277-4442.

Download the MetroConnects Pump Station Policy Here