Encroachment Policy

Effective October 16, 2017, Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict, dba MetroConnects, adopted an encroachment policy to address issues potentially impacting MetroConnects’ sanitary sewer collection system. In general, MetroConnects has a right of way of 12.5 feet on either side of the sewer line for a total of a 25-foot easement. Normally, these sanitary sewer collection lines are within the roadway and don’t impact property owners. However, in cases where these lines cross private property, MetroConnects has a 25-foot easement that this encroachment policy intends to address.

MetroConnects Encroachment Policy 

This fences blocks MetroConnects access in properly maintaining the district’s sanitary sewer collection system.

What is an encroachment?

An encroachment exists where a structure or other improvements exists within MetroConnects rights-of-way and may include any of the following:

  • buildings
  • garages
  • sheds
  • decks
  • porches
  • patios
  • fences
  • walls
  • retaining walls
  • above and below ground pools
  • pipes
  • trees and other vegetation

These types of encroachments would, in the opinion of MetroConnects, prevent the operation and maintenance of our sanitary sewer collection lines.

Your responsibility as a property owner

A sewer easement may be shown on the plat you received when you purchased your home. You will note the sewer easement, as marked in this photo, provides an area for maintenance, inspection, repair, renovation or replacement of a sanitary sewer line. The easement is measured at 12.5-feet from the center of the sewer main for a total of a 25-foot easement. You will also note that the sewer easement does not always follow the property line.

If the MetroConnects sanitary sewer collection system crosses your property, there is an easement protecting MetroConnects’ right to enter the property in order to maintain the system. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure there are no encroachments upon MetroConnects’ easement.

If you are not sure if a MetroConnects sanitary sewer line crosses your property, contact us at 864-277-4442 or email info@metroconnects.org. If you do have a survey of your property or subdivision plat, an easement should be indicated where the MetroConnects line crosses private property. (See image at right.)

If you don’t have a survey or subdivision plat, that easement may be described in your property deed document. But again, if you are unsure, contact MetroConnects, especially if you are about to begin any improvement to your property.

What if you already have improvements to your property that may encroach upon MetroConnects’ easement?

Be sure to review MetroConnects’ encroachment policy and if you are unsure if existing improvements could be encroaching upon MetroConnects right of way, contact us. MetroConnects is actively contacting property owners where we have noticed these potential encroachments. Ultimately, you as the property owner will be responsible for the removal, relocation or rebuilding of improvements blocking the sewer district’s right of way. You may also be responsible for any damage to the sewer collection lines caused by the encroachment.

Allowable uses within easement areas

MetroConnects may grant allowances for grasses and other ground cover, driveways, sidewalks and walking paths that do not interfere with access to our sanitary sewer collection system within the easement.

Fence encroachments

If your fence is located on the district’s easement, you will be required to take action within 30 days of being notified. You will be required to assume the cost for any corrective actions to your property.

Corrective may include moving the fence, so that it is no longer an encroachment, or installing a 12-foot wide gate to allow MetroConnects personnel and equipment to access the system’s lines.

Encroachments — structures other than fences

If a permanent structure (i.e. a swimming pool, patio, porch, deck, shed, garage, dog kennel, etc.)  is located on the district’s easement, MetroConnects may obtain a survey to define the extent of the encroachment. Any survey obtained by MetroConnects will be at the property owner’s expense.

MetroConnects will work with you for resolution

MetroConnects will make every effort to work with property owners when an encroachment is identified in order to take corrective action.

Please contact MetroConnects at 864-227-4442 to discuss resolving any possible encroachment issue.