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Get the 411 on SC811

Get the 411 on SC811

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How Are You Measuring Your SC811 Program?
How efficient is SC811 and what value does it bring to your organization?

  • What is your present cost for manpower and equipment to locate?   Have you included all capital, employee overhead costs, and supplies?
  • Have you identified a cost per ticket to locate and cost per ticket that do not require a locate?
  • Have you considered if compliance with the SC811 law has had an impact to your production (proactive operations and maintenance)?
  • Have you examined the buffer around your system that you submit to SC811?  Some utilities have mistakenly provided their entire service area as a buffer – good practice is to submit your right-of-way area with a small “cushion.”
  • Has the program reduced damages to your assets?
  • Is the program of benefit to your utility?

Suggested SC811 Metrics:

  • Number of tickets from SC811 per year.
  • Percent of total tickets that require field locate.
  • Percent of total tickets that do not require field locate.
  • Percent of tickets that are shallow cable/phone service line drop.
  • Percent of total tickets that are Update tickets.
  • Number of projects with tickets coming months before project starts or continuing months after project completion.
  • Number of tickets that are outside your defined buffer.
  • Number of tickets where excavation occurred before locate was completed.
  • Analysis of SC811 membership fees for total tickets received vs. ticket costs for those actually requiring a field locate.
  • Historical data on damage to assets versus damage post-SC811.
  • Overall return on investment of cost to comply with SC811.

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