If you see water flowing from a manhole or a pipe it is an sanitary sewer overflow (SSO). Please call us immediately at 864.277.4442. If we have a sanitary sewer overflow we will repair the problem, clean the area of debris and apply hydrated lime to neutralize residual odor and the soil. We will report the overflow to SCDHEC, post signs if the wastewater entered a stream and notify the media if the spill is considered significant.

What Metro considers an emergency:
If you consider it an emergency, Metro considers it an emergency as well. If you notice anything abnormal with your system, please call Metro’s line at 864.277.4442, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Should I call a plumber or Metro?
Always contract Metro first when you notice anything abnormal with your sewer system.

In-house find and fix
As Metro performs continual maintenance on its system, it is possible that the crews may discover an issue with the lines serving your property.  In this case, Metro will immediately schedule a repair to resolve the issue.

Contact numbers for other districts:

ReWa MAIN OFFICE (864) 299-4000
ReWa (ANSWERING SERVICE) (864) 299-4004
MAULDIN (864) 234-3491
FOUNTAIN INN (864) 409-3334
TRAVELERS REST (864) 834-9029
BEREA (864) 294-4848
PARKER (864) 467-4030
GANTT (864) 277-0421
SIMPSONVILLE (864) 967-9531
TAYLORS (864) 244-5596
WADE HAMPTON (864) 244-0390
MARIETTA FIRE & SEWER (864) 836-5694
PIEDMONT FIRE & SEWER (864) 845-7401
GREER (864) 848-5500
DHEC (864) 241-1090
GREENVILLE COUNTY (864) 467-7100
GREENVILLE WATER (864) 241-6000
UNITED UTILITIES (800) 367-4314