Customer Service

Customer Service
Metro cares about our customers, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service to every home or business we service.  Our customers are our top priority, and we want to ensure you are satisfied. This philosophy supports our brand of connecting with the community and protecting the public’s health and safety.  The information contained within this section is designed to help customers with current or new service, commonly asked questions and/or billing concerns.  Click here to download our New Customer Brochure to learn more about MetroConnects.

Customer Survey
Our purpose is to provide our customers with fast, courteous service.  Metro requires that each employee be aware of customer expectations and strive to meet them.  In our effort to measure and improve the service provided we ask to know the views and suggestions of our customers.  With the help of your efforts, we will improve our work and provide better service to you.  Your views and suggestions are very important to us.

Click here to fill out the customer survey online.

I am a new customer
Welcome! You are a new customer because your property is attached to the district served by Metro.  If you have moved into an existing home within Metro’s district, you will automatically receive sewer services because the paperwork on your property has already been completed.  If you have bought property within the district that does not currently contain a residence, please go to our permitting section to complete your registration with Metro.  As a customer in the district, you will be required to pay for the sewer service fee and for Metro’s services through annual taxes.